A New Day!
January 14, 2023

A new day to experience, wake up refreshed and get yourself motivated.

Waking up sometimes with the dogs coming right up to my face and barking.

They will sit up and wait at the edge of the bed until I get up. Ok, Ok I say, “I’m getting up”. The dogs run to the kitchen awaiting their food or the front door to go outside and relieve themselves. I have one dog that is a very picky eater the other one eats everything including pinecones and we have to keep her away from the other dog’s food. I take them out separately for their morning walk hoping I don’t see any rabbits, birds, squirrels or other dogs they love to chase. I have to wear gloves to protect my hands from skin tears when they pull me.

After their walk, I come home and eat breakfast listening to music or the TV while I eat. Also look at emails and make arrangements with friends for coffee, lunch or a walk around the lake, woodsy trail or just around the neighborhood. The days are getting warmer and longer to make these plans. I get so excited to plan any excursion or road trip with friends since there is so much wonder to behold in this state. Finding new trail and hikes to take and enjoy with the dogs whether for a day or weekend can be so invigorating. I get the dogs as well as my friends motivated and excited. With so much depression and uncertainty every day, our state has so much to offer to bring us out of this depression.