February 8, 2023

You’re probably wondering why I chose this animal. Well, we had an encounter in our home. We were watching a movie in our living room when I saw what I thought was a bird flying over my head. I screamed ” There is a bird in our house.” Looking for it in the foyer I couldn’t find it anywhere and actually was afraid to look. Then, about 2am the next morning, my daughter’s dog wouldn’t stop barking. She tried to get her to stop and go back to sleep but then she saw the animal flying over her head and screamed. She followed it into the dining room where she saw it hanging from the ceiling. Now she knew it was a bat and tried to get my husband up. He just told her to get a broom and get it out of the house, but she wasn’t having it. So, he got up and fought with the bat as it was coming towards him. He said the wingspan was huge as he tried to get it out of the house. Thank goodness. Bats look for places like ours to raise their young in roofs, attics, vacant buildings and barns. Since we didn’t capture the bat, we had to get a series of the rabies vaccine, a total of seven shots, on different days of course. They were not too painful, but we had to get one in each butt cheek, so embarrassing.
Bats do not attack people but if it flies in your room assume you have been bitten. Keep bright lights where you think the bat entered in your house. Other good deterrents are mothballs, cinnamon or eucalyptus. Hang strips of aluminum foil, mirrors, mylar balloons or old CDs. They are most active at night between dusk and dawn searching for food.