Antique Bottle Collector Resource Guide
January 21, 2023

There is a nice bottle on the table in the garage. Obviously old and beautiful colors are eye-catching, so it’s an interesting bottle to see. The question is, what kind of bottle is it and how old is it? Bottle collectors ask themselves these questions when looking for new or special bottles.


Bottle collectors often like the beauty of bottles, their history, and the fact that bottles are small and take up less space than other collectors. Collected bottles can be placed on the flea market, on demand for fleas, or on the ground. Glass bottles do not rot over time, leaving bottles buried in mouthpieces or clogged in secret holes. There are different types of bottles such as medicine bottles, cola bottles, incense sticks, bottles, etc., and collectors can be sure to find a special kind of concentration, so you can also collect bottles.

Testing some bottles is worth it because they are rare, while others are rare or cheap. When starting to collect bottles, it is important to understand which bottles are considered collectors, where to find them, how to identify them, and how to determine their value.

Price Value

Choose from several old bottle price tags that will help you determine the price of your bottle. Get tips on cleaning, rating, and dating bottles, and then read our extensive library of questions and answers from bottle collectors.

Antique bottles weekly from collectors

Collector`s Weekly is a website that provides a place for vintage bottle collectors to learn about different types of bottles. In addition, collectors can watch movies and read materials on their favorite bottle of land.

Collector Haven

Read about Bottle Racks, upcoming bottle events, and why you collect bottles, including bottle digging, terms of use, bowling, and more. Buy and sell bottles. Antique Bottle Depot buys and sells antique bottles. Next, let’s take a look at the land of ancient bottle films and word photographs.

Identity and Information

In collaboration with the Literary Archaeological Association, the major glass bottle identification and information websites are designed to allow collectors to identify the length and type of bottles in their collection.

Collector Forums and Resources

Fellow collectors visit the Bottle Art Gallery and use Chest Point Runner to find more specialized bottle collection sites.

Milwaukee Old Bottle Club

You can read articles about finding interesting bottles, watch movies of antique bottles, and get a free rating of rare antique bottles before 1910. The club specializes in bottles of Wisconsin.

National Bottle Museum

The National Bottle Museum at Ballston Spa, New York celebrates the history of its dedication to bottle making. Check out Film land from our vast collection of bottles in the gallery to stay up to date on upcoming bottle shows.