Blog #1
December 25, 2022

Hello fellow collectors. Hope you’re staying well. For me, I decided to do some fast 30min walking three times a week. No jogging for me. I feel more energized now. Eating well is also important so I only have eggs on the weekends now.

I’m looking into Pinterest for new ideas on preparing certain foods and recipes. I Love the shrimp fettuccine since my family loves shrimp. I use the air fryer every chance I can especially with French fries and chicken.

Since I just had a birthday, not telling my age, I was waiting for a package from Germany. It arrived on my birthday. I let my relatives know, of course, that it had arrived. I was so delighted since it had my favorite” Mon Cherie”, a chocolate filled with cherry liqueur. So yummy! I had to share the other sweets and bakery goods with the rest of the family and friends.