Blog #3
January 16, 2023

Hello everyone. I’m still doing my walking three times a week as much as I  can, since it rains a lot here. Hearing and seeing a lot of complaints on the next-door website about how dirty the streets are with trash, I decided to pick up this myself. Of course, using gloves and a stick with a pointed end I made myself to pick the items up. I ventured out to start my clean-up which I decided would be once a week.

The first time I picked up wrappers and drink cartons from McDonalds and Taco Time. Also noted small alcohol bottles and large carton of Chardonnay. Drinking and driving is not Ok in my book.

My local next-door website also mentioned dog waste alongside the street next to people’s homes as well as near the school. I picked this up as well since I didn’t want to step in it and bring it home. So unsanitary. The website just blew up with comments about this. I don’t know if this will stop but it’s good to put it out there.