Mother’s Day
January 8, 2023


Remembering my mom, a wonderful, caring soul. She was so kind and generous, loved to bake and entertain. Made the best Black Forest cherry and cheesecake. The German dishes like Roulade, Potato balls with pork or duck gravy was absolutely to die for. I asked for the recipes and have attempted some of these dishes but doesn’t come close to hers. Remembering sharing these dishes around the table set with her favorite China and it was decorated for whatever occasion. My mom would invite her friends and their friends, and she was also known around for her potato salad. She would make egg faces with olives, tomatoes and carrots.

What could one give to such a wonderful Mom for Mother’s Day? Candy, chocolates, flowers, taking her to her favorite restaurant or a Hallmark card. She enjoyed all of these things, but her favorite was a homemade card with all our personal messages of love.

Now, being a mother and grandmother myself, I enjoy all the personal attention but always love the hugs and special messages made on a homemade Mother’s Day card for me. My daughter takes me out for a special dinner at the restaurant of my choice and we reminisce of our special times together. Take as many pictures as possible or movies of your mom to remember her when she’s gone but not forgotten.