The Holidays
December 30, 2022

Thinking already about Christmas or the holidays I usually get so excited and try to go to all the festivals around the area. The Thurston County Fairgrounds offered two large buildings filled with antique Christmas items and so many handmade holiday items like jewelry, hats, scarfs, t-shirts and holiday sweaters. Toys of all kinds for kids as well as adults. My friend bought a warm hat and a necklace that had little inserts to place inside the necklace, a photograph would also be possible. I get several ideas to make myself and then wrap for presents. Just bought some really warm gloves at Costco for the weather is changing rapidly and getting so cold. Covered my outdoor faucets and brought in my green tomatoes to ripen indoors. The Puyallup fair is another big festival that offers ideas again for Christmas presents rows and rows of food, crafts and items for the home and garden. What is your favorite food for the holidays? I love the smell of cookies baking in the oven and then eating them. Sugar cookies are my favorite for I love to decorate them. What is your favorite Christmas song? Mine is “O Holy Night” a wonderful song that makes me think of Christmas past when Jesus was born in a manger. I love walking down the streets and seeing the pretty festive light and decorations on the lawn and the houses. They just make me smile and feel so warm inside even if the chill is in the air. Everyone is happy, greeting us and I see the gift of giving even to strangers in their eyes. Hope you have a safe and warm holiday.