What’s It Worth? Placing a Value on Your Vintage Jewelry
January 17, 2023

We all have this antique piece of jewelry that we now take with us to shine when we open our cabinet.

Know Your Terminology

To be considered stretchable, a piece of jewelry must be at least 20 times its age. The distinction between antiquities begins when a curiosity is 100 years old. Specialty jewelry and antique jewelry can be very expensive, but in general, the price of a well-kept antique piece will be higher than the analog quality, less old-fashioned piece.

Costume jewelry vs. fine jewelry

Exquisite jewelry is made from precious jewelry such as gold, sterling service or platinum and precious / semi-precious stones – diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, beers, milky stones, garnet, sapphires, etc. They are designed with care and attention to detail Use of high quality settings to ensure the life of the part. Apparel jewelry, on the other hand, is made with cheap accessories and is usually mass-produced. Pieces can be made of gold or covered with tablecloths, stones, Swarovski chargers, plastic, glass, wood or other less expensive details. It is usually bigger, stronger and more daring than fine jewelry and is designed to come and go with the trends of a particular era.

Style era

Is your Art Novo 1900s or 1930s Art Deco? 1940s backlight jewelry? Does it evoke the “new look” of the fifties or does it reflect the colorful boldness of the modern style of the sixties? Familiarizing yourself with different ages will help you evaluate the aesthetics of your part and determine the construction time, which is an important part of resale value.

Evaluate the features.

A “hallmark” is an abstract stamp or label on a piece of jewelry that identifies the type of substance and sometimes the manufacturer of the piece of jewelry. All fine jewelry is marked according to the essence, until the stamp is lost or worn. Apparel jewelry can also be marked, usually to identify the manufacturer. To find the mark, look inside the rings, earrings, brooch tails, and beautiful handcuffs and near necklace handles possibly a tag.

Take in the Weight and Finishes of a Piece

The highest quality pieces are crafted from solid gold, solid sterling silver tablecloths or solid platinum, and will feel heavier and more solid in your hand, no matter how delicate it may be.

Just look at how the monuments are set up, if there is any gem in the room. Are they with the Goal Institutions or is it clear that they have merged? It is clear that real stones are now mixed with beautiful jewelry, but the difference between cheap jewelry and precious bone is often seen in the arrangement of the stone and glass jewelry.

Verify with a professional.

However, your next step is to check if you have used your instructions to look closely at your jewelry and think it might be worth it. Do your research and see if you can limit your results to professionals who specialize in styling your room. They pay close attention to detail and are adept at finding unique value clues that others may not remember.

To sell, to like, to sell

If you want to hang your commercial stretch jewelry, there are many options. Depending on the price, you can visit trading houses, consignment stores, specialty stores, specialty stores, traditional jewelry stores or try your luck online. Your estimator will help you find the right outlet for your part.